Team and members

Our team is one of the most important parts of this company. The daily effort of the smallest producers and our president has brought us here.


Members of Alimer

As a first level cooperative, we have a duty to our members and this is why we work to exceed their expectations in relation to the support, bargaining power and efficiency. By innovating, adapting quickly to the market and managing with responsibility, we can guarantee our producers that being a member of Alimer is the best way to get their products to market.

  • Managing our resources efficiently to get the highest profit for our members.
  • Supporting them and providing them with resources in order to achieve their objectives.
  • Offering them all the information they need in terms of transparency.
  • Exploring the market constantly to seek new opportunities for the members.
  • Researching to improve the logistic aspects and packaging of the products.
  • Providing certainty and security in case of market fluctuations.
  • Getting the best price for their product.

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