There are many factors that we have to take into account to achieve the best production. For this reason, we work from our supply section to make sure that our cooperative members have everything they need to develop their activity and obtain the best results.

We provide our partners with field products, such as fertilizers, plant protection products, fuels for their machinery and logistic and all kinds of consumable goods. The same happens with our livestock cooperators who require animal health products to ensure the good development of the animals, products that we always give them under the prescription of our veterinarians.

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Gas oils

Our three service stations are located in Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras where you can find the main services your vehicle needs. We offer the highest quality fuel at a very competitive price.


Agricultural Supplies

We have more than 100 different types of fertilizers but the most important ones are those that are made by ourselves for our crops and their different stages. It also highlights the organic fertilizer for our BIO production.


Animal health products

We supply the animal health products prescribed by our veterinarians to our livestock cooperative members who need them on farms. The objective is to guarantee the health and animal welfare by putting at their disposal the perfect treatment for each situation.

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