At Alimer, we produce a wide variety of feed suitable for the needs of each animal and the period of their life. Different types of feed are produced, depending on the age or animal characteristics, including compound ones and feeds made from the selection and mix of grains.

In recent years, the demand for feed by our cooperative members has continued increasing. For this reason, our cooperative has strived to respond by doubling our production since 2015. Also, we continue investing with new facilities that will help us to increase again the production. Our aim is to offer our members the best feed at the best price.


Our Feeds


Livestock farming

We produce different kind of feed adapted to each type of animal, including pigs, goats, sheeps and cattle. Our feed is consumed by our animals and is also very appreciated by livestock farms outside our cooperative. It is created by our veterinary team which is the one that best knows the needs of the animals at each stage of their life.



Our feed division includes a section for pets. This type of animals that live in our cooperative have specific feeding needs and require a complex balance of nutrients that we get through our compound feed. This feed is prepared by veterinarians with the best raw materials.