We are Alimer

Alimer is a first level cooperative, which means that our members are farmers and stockbreeders. It is made up of small and large producers who make goods with dedication and care and find in us the best partner to market them throughout Europe.


At Alimer, we work to offer our members the best profitability so that they can develop their activity in a sustainable way, providing them with economic prosperity and development possibilities. We believe that our more than 1,700 members are the most important capital of this cooperative since their work, knowledge, effort and dedication allow us to bring exclusive, healthy, high-quality and fresh products into the market. We strive to provide the highest profitability as well as the technological and innovation tools that enable them to improve their day to day and make their product competitive in the market.

We are always thinking of the customer so we adapt our products to the needs and demands of the market. Our aim is to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding and informed consumer who is looking for high-quality and healthy products with excellent nutritional characteristics. Every year we also raise the number of the hectares used for bio production due to the increasing demand of this product. Because we are a first level cooperative, Alimer controls the entire production process of our livestock, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and plants. As a result, we can guarantee its quality and achieve the recognition of the market.

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