Dairy products

We produce 27 million litres of milk from the goat of Murcia and Granada region per year.

Our milk is valued, both in the national market and the European one and this is why we export a large part of our production to countries like Italy. However, a part of our milk stays in our cheese factory where we make pure milk cheese from the goat of Murcia and Granada region. Our cheese brand “La Fortaleza del Sol” has gained the confidence of thousands of families and professionals due to its quality, health and original tradition.


Our Dairy Products


Cheeses “la Fortaleza del Sol”

We make handmade cheese with pure goat milk from the farms of our cooperative. Our variety of cheese includes soft, pressed or sour milk ones.

The cheeses are made with old recipes that generations of artisans and shepherds from the Guadalentin area have followed for centuries. In addition to this, the best selection of raw materials allows our cheeses to have an excellent aroma, texture and flavor thanks to skilled
artisans who make it possible.


Milk from the goat of Murcia and Granada region

Due to an excellent diet and the best conditions of well-being, our goats from Murcia and Granada region offer high-quality milk that is especially suitable for the cheese production.

Our milk is valued by cheese producers from all over the world, especially Europeans ones who buy our raw goat milk for the production of all types of cheese and dairy products.