Fruits and



We guarantee the quality and food safety of all our fruits and vegetables. We bring to your table a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables cultivated in the most natural way, and always respecting the environment. Our control systems, both internal and external ensure the maximum quality of all of our products.

Our fruits and vegetables represent 70 per cent of the cooperative’s production. Moreover, we have modern facilities with great capacity to process, package and store the products of our members.

Tonnes of fruits and vegetables
Hectares of cultivated area
Processing and packaging facilities


Find all the variety of fruits that we put at your disposal, including melons, watermelons and all types of stone fruit. All our fruits are fresh, sweet and delicious thanks to our control of their growth process.



They are fresh, healthy and natural products that come directly from our orchards. We grow them in a traditional way so that they preserve all their properties, such as broccoli, cauliflowers, lettuces, artichokes, butternut squashes and onions, among others.



Alimer has its own seedbed for the fruits and vegetables. Here we take care of the growth of each plant so that our members produce their vegetables with the highest quality.


Find our BIO products. We have a wide certified variety of BIO fruits and vegetables grown in an ecological way. Our cooperative also takes care of every detail to offer a healthy and an eco-friendly product.